4 reasons to switch to Hosted Exchange Email

Posted on: 08/03/17

Our Hosted Exchange service is becoming a popular service with clients. Here’s 4 reasons why you should switch today.

1. Mailbox size

At a massive 125GB per mailbox, it may just be the world’s biggest and the best Exchange mailbox.

2. World-class anti-spam and anti-virus, built in

Your mailboxes get protected by one of the world’s best anti-spam and anti-virus solutions, for no extra cost. Plus, you now get a 24-hour real-time view of all captured messages, again for no extra cost.

3. It’s great value at only £6.50 per month

A premium email service that will save you time in collecting and responding to your business emails.

If you would like to upgrade to Hosted Exchange for your email accounts please call us today on 01745 508588 or email: mail@designweb.co.uk.

For further information on Hosted Exchange, please download our Hosted Exchange Brochure

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