What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your Digital Marketing Strategy is an overall blueprint that governs all your online marketing campaigns, and should be referred to when considering changes to your website, your social media and email campaigns, digital advertising (such as Facebook or Google ads), online customer support and any other outreach you do online.

Why do I need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

In the absence of an online marketing strategy, you are essentially shooting blind. You wouldn’t know if you are targeting the right audience, the right marketing channels and the right time.

Operating without a strategy online is like a small geographical business advertising in a local London newspaper – it may look good, it may even reach a massive audience and be seen by thousands of people – but it won’t make a difference to your business.

Having a digital marketing strategy removes the guesswork, ensuring your campaigns reach the right audience through the right marketing channels at the right time – getting you ahead of the competition.

Digital Marketing Strategy Vs Digital Marketing Campaign

Many people tend to confuse the two terms and use them interchangeably.

A digital marketing strategy is a blueprint or a master plan that helps achieve your digital goals. A digital marketing campaign, however, refers to the specific tactics and actions used to achieve the goals outlined in your strategy.

So your digital marketing strategy defines the what, why and where whereas the campaign is all about how you will achieve your strategy. Both go hand in hand and are essential to achieving your marketing goals.

What should my Digital Marketing Strategy cover?

A digital marketing strategy outlines a series of steps and actions using online marketing channels to achieve specific goals. A carefully designed digital marketing plan paves the way for launching and growing your online marketing strategy successfully.

Your digital marketing strategy document should consider:

  • Your business purpose, products and history
  • Previous performance
  • Your current marketing efforts
  • Your goals and objectives
  • Your target audience
  • Current market issues and challenges
  • Your ‘tone’ of voice
  • Your branding guidelines
  • Your competitors
  • Timeframe and Goals
  • Steps and actions to fulfil the strategy
  • Check-in points and review stages to assess the performance and success of your strategy, techniques and the overall plan

Identify your audience

No two online marketing strategies are the same, and all the above steps are necessary – but perhaps the two most vital steps are to identify the target audience (or audiences) you hope to reach, and to set realistic, measurable goals to determine success.

How do I define my audience?

A good guide is to look at your best customers – the ones who spend the most and require the least amount of your time to support them, and your best market sectors. It’s possible to create several campaigns to reach different audiences, but your strategy should define who they are.

What goals should you set?

This will depend on the unique needs of your business, your goals and your budget.

However, a solid internet marketing strategy will outline the following goals:

  • Short-term (for example, more social media followers by date)
  • Medium-term (for example increase leads by date)
  • Long-term (for example increase sales by date)

The short and medium-term goals should act as checking points and will help achieve your long-term goals.

Your strategy document will be unique to your business and there’s no place for a one-size-fits-all strategy. However, by doing this step, your efforts will be more focused and you will be able to measure success.


A digital marketing strategy gives all your online marketing efforts the best chance of success, helping you and your team focus your efforts on achieving your goals, increasing the chances of your campaigns succeeding.

If you’d like help creating an effective digital marketing strategy for your business, contact us today.

Questions in Quarantine 6 with Paul Lyons, owner of DesignWeb, a leading provider of Digital Marketing, SEO and Web Design in North Wales. Paul talks to Radar PR Director Martin Williams about life and business in lockdown.

Leading North Wales Web Design company Designweb have taken their client hosting to the next level, investing in high-end dedicated servers with Hosting UK to improve their hosting services for clients. Existing clients are now enjoying the benefits of faster loading speeds, improved security and 4 daily backups.

Managing Director, Paul Lyons explains:

“We previously used three separate hosting companies, all in England, but as our business has grown, we wanted to unify our hosting and invest in a premium service for our clients, with improved backups and the highest standards of online security. We had been speaking to a number of leading UK providers about this.

“The majority of our clients are in North Wales, although we provide web design to a number of creative agencies in Leeds and London – so we are passionate about supporting local businesses. When we found Hosting UK, just half a mile away from our offices in St. Asaph, we were keen to talk to them – and found a provider who was as committed to service delivery as we are, rivalling anything else in the UK. They offer a superior hosting service and a highly skilled support team, so switching to them was an easy decision. We are now able to deliver an improved hosting service for our customers – and scalability for our future hosting plans.”

The upgrade means that Designweb web hosting customers now enjoy:

  • Tailored hosting according to customer needs
  • dedicated resources to improve loading times
  • CPanel access for clients to administer their own email accounts and services
  • 4 x scheduled daily backups
  • Improved security due to restricted access
  • Superior technical support from a highly knowledgeable team

Peter Jackson of Hosting UK said:

“North Wales is a brilliant place to be based, and it’s great to be able to collaborate with a high-end local web design agency who shares our core values on quality and service. Designweb has the experience to appreciate the difference between cheap ‘just about good enough’ hosting and a robust, quality hosting product that delivers excellent security, reliability and performance. We look forward to supporting them and their clients for the foreseeable future.”

Recently, SSL certificates have boomed in popularity, and with good reason. They are increasingly becoming a must-have for website owners, because they ensure secure connections between a web server and a browser. This basically means that sensitive information belonging to the website user is secure, including any payment details they submit.

Gaining the trust of website users is vitally important – website visitors want to know that they can securely browse sites, without their personal details and in particular, payment details, being compromised. SSL is commonly used to secure data transfer and login details, as well as securing credit and debit card transactions.

Research by Globalsign showed that 84% of online shoppers abandon their purchases as soon as they realise a website is not secure, and so it is not surprising that SSL certified websites are fast becoming the norm.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that encrypts information sent to the server, that is, it acts as a secure connection between the website and the server.

Their high encryption ensures transactions and all sensitive information is fully secure. If a third party was to intercept the information between the website and the server, the SSL certificate would ensure the information was ‘scrambled’ and unreadable.

Once an SSL certificate has been successfully installed, all web traffic between the web server and the web browser is fully secure. The application protocol, displayed as the http, will change to https, with the added s denoting that the website is secure. Https stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. A padlock or green bar may then be displayed on the browser, depending on the type of certificate issued and what browser is being used.

Why SSL certificate are needed

SSL certificates are necessary to protect sensitive information – namely passwords, usernames, debit and credit card information, etc. Without them, data sent between your website and the user can be intercepted and even altered by a third party.

Additionally, SSL certificates have the added bonus of improving Google rankings for websites that have them, as well as building customers’ trust and confidence and improving website conversion rates.

Without an SSL, customers will see that the website, and therefore their sensitive information, is not secure. Data integrity is vitally important, and customers have to know that websites are trustworthy, or they will go elsewhere.

SSL certificates at Designweb

Here at Designweb, we are reputable and established providers of SSL certificates at very competitive rates.

SSL certificates cost £80 per year, plus a £100 one-off installation fee which covers updating all your websites internal site links and file references from http to https.

SSL Certificates are compatible with all major browsers and can be installed by on your website, hosted with Designweb within 24 hours.

Show your website visitors that you value security – contact us today.

Did you know that NASA use WordPress?

The National Aeronautic and Space Administration build many of their sites using WordPress.

And who can blame them?

WordPress powers over 28% of the Internet. Users love it because it’s fully customizable and you don’t need to be a space engineer to install it.

But all this comes with a price. Yes, it’s great that there are over 50,000 plugins, but more plugins means more updates.

Are you drowning in a sea of software updates?

Some plugins you installed a while ago might have been abandoned. That means they won’t be updated and they won’t be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Theme and plugins that aren’t compatible with the latest version of WordPress could break your site. This could mean lost data, lost revenue and lost customers.

Not only that, over 73% of WordPress sites are vulnerable to hackers.

So while you’re busy trying to grow traffic, market your business, look after customers, and pay your staff…

you have to worry about updating your site everyday and keeping it safe.


Relax. All you need is an experienced team to monitor your WordPress site everyday and update it when necessary; so you can focus 100% on taking your business to the next level.

That’s where a WordPress Monitoring Service comes in.

Imagine having a WordPress site that practically runs itself and makes your life easier

A WordPress Maintenance Service can help you:

  • Keep your data (and your customers details) safe by stopping hackers from infiltrating your site
  • Boost conversions by reducing your bounce rate
  • Protect your website from malware by scanning everyday for site vulnerabilities
  • Backup your website data and pages every month
  • Improve your SEO ranking by increasing your website’s speed and performance

Do you need to hire a full-time WordPress developer, then?

No. Unless you’re as big as NASA, you don’t need somebody working on your WordPress site full-time.

But you do need somebody you can trust to take care of recurring tasks, such as:

  • Uptime/Downtime
  • Visitors and analytics
  • Speed and performance
  • Security threats and vulnerabilities

Having a reliable team checking all of the above and reporting to you on regular basis doesn’t have to be expensive

Here at Design Web, we provide a comprehensive WordPress maintenance service for business owners who don’t have the time to poke through their sites looking for issues and potential problems.

If you want to know more about our WordPress Maintenance & Backup Services, either call us on 01745 508588, or email us: mail@designweb.co.uk

Our WordPress Maintenance page also explains how our service can save you time and money.

If you want to update your WordPress site by yourself, that’s fine too. I suggest doing regular checks to collect data and catch potential problems.

Then, it’s up to you whether to fix them by yourself or hire a WordPress developer to take care of them professionally.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed the article.

All the best,
Paul Lyons

Our Hosted Exchange service is becoming a popular service with clients. Here’s 4 reasons why you should switch today.

1. Mailbox size

At a massive 125GB per mailbox, it may just be the world’s biggest and the best Exchange mailbox.

2. World-class anti-spam and anti-virus, built in

Your mailboxes get protected by one of the world’s best anti-spam and anti-virus solutions, for no extra cost. Plus, you now get a 24-hour real-time view of all captured messages, again for no extra cost.

3. It’s great value at only £6.50 per month

A premium email service that will save you time in collecting and responding to your business emails.

If you would like to upgrade to Hosted Exchange for your email accounts please call us today on 01745 508588 or email: mail@designweb.co.uk.

For further information on Hosted Exchange, please download our Hosted Exchange Brochure

Website security is not a new concept. It has been around for years, and many leading businesses have adopted it for long.

Ever since Google announced that it will consider HTTPS as a ranking signal, things have become all the more interesting.

Google and Website Security

For years, Google has been very particular about website security especially when it comes to collecting customer information including user logins and contact forms.

If your website is not secure, there’s nothing to worry about – All you need is an SSL certificate.

Designweb can upgrade your website from HTTP to HTTPS from as little as £80 per year. Contact us today to request an SSL on your website.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It makes your website secure when users are providing you any kind of information.

In the absence of HTTPS, the data sent between your user and your website could be monitored, intercepted or even altered by a third party.

So, if your page requires users to share critical information including credit card details or any other personal information, it’s essential to make it secure. In the presence of HTTPS, the data submitted by users is protected by way of encryption, authentication and data integrity.

Put simply, the information becomes “scrambled” into character strings by way of an SSL certificate. Only the computers that are receiving and sending the information can see this information. So even if others are able to access this information, they cannot read it because it’s scrambled.

Benefits of HTTPS

SEO Boost – With HTTPS becoming a ranking factor, it’s a no-brainer that, having an SSL certification will give your website an edge of the competition where SEO is concerned.

Enhanced Trust – When users see a warning that your website is “NOT SECURE”, it’s highly probable that they will bounce out of your website real fast. HTTPS makes your website secure and in turn, you become trustworthy.

Chrome Users – With more than 50% of users relying on the Chrome browser, if your website is not secure, you might be alienating a big chunk of your visitors. Chrome is undergoing heavy changes, and if your website is not secure, it will make this known to the user in very clear terms.

Make the Switch

Making the switch to HTTPS is easy and starts from £80. Contact us today to switch to HTTPS.

As a business owner, your primary goal is to generate a ton of targeted traffic to your website, engage your visitors, and then convert them. You have invested in a great website, and every word of your copy is simply perfect.

Consider adding a short video to your website to seal the deal. It can help you in ways you may have never imagined. Consider this – about 46% visitors that watch a video on a website take action.

Here’s a look at the ways a video can help your business website.

Video is Good for SEO

Google looks at the amount of time visitors spend on your website to determine the quality of your content. If most visitors stay on your site longer, the logic goes that you must be offering awesome content.

That’s what video can do for your website. It can pull your visitors and retain them on your site for longer.

Great for Branding

A video is a great way to connect with your audience. Words can only work to an extent in evoking an emotional response in your visitors. But a video can achieve that without much ado.

You can use your video to showcase your brand’s personality. This will give your visitors insight about your brand, who you are, and what you stand for. This builds credibility and trust in your business.

Once you’ve gained your visitors’ trust, everything else falls in place of its own.

Retain their Attention

About 65% of people who watch video, watch ¾ of it. If they’ve seen that far, they have got your message by that time – that’s much more than what your copy can do. So when you want to take their attention to your most important message, video is the right medium.

Increased Conversions

This is the ultimate reason why you should use video on your website. Video has the potential to convert a lot more of your visitors. Various research studies prove this. In fact, one study suggests that 82% of marketers from their study found video to be a highly effective marketing tool.

What’s the next step?

Hire the Right Video Production Service

That’s right. Hire a reliable video production service to create a stellar video. Designweb uses a trusted associate to provide high quality video creation solutions. We will work with you to produce a video that aligns with your goals. Talk to us today. Call 01745 508 588 now.

Are you finding it difficult juggling between managing the core functions of your business and website management?

Do you find it a struggle to update the content of your website?

Ease up your struggle by investing in an industry standard content managed website. Every website that Designweb builds comes equipped with a robust CMS.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system helps with the creation, publishing, and management of content on your business website.

A CMS gives you the control over your website. You do not have to rely on your web designers for every small change or update you want to make to your website. You don’t even need any technical expertise.

With a CMS website, you don’t have to put website management at the bottom of the work pile.

The Benefits of a CMS Website

  • You can easily publish and edit the content of your website. Add text, videos, photos and other media to your website easily and quickly.
  • You can now reach your target audience and search engines by publishing fresh content to your blog regularly.
  • Easy to use and operate
  • You can access your website from anywhere you are. Say you are out of town, and you’d like to quickly add some content on your trip. All you need is your laptop and an Internet connection, and you can update your website from wherever you are.
  • You can provide role based admin access. For instance, if you have hired a writer to blog on your behalf, you can create a user id that allows your writer to only publish articles. You could create another user id for a website designer, one for your manager and choose the function you want them to access on your CMS website.
  • Gives you complete control of your website
  • Highly secure
  • Easy to maintain and manage

Trusted CMS Website Experts

Design Web is a trusted name when it comes to CMS websites. Talk to us today to know how a CMS website can help save your time, money and energy. We provide complete training on location so you can start managing your website from the date of launch. We also offer remote desktop support should you require remote training.

Contact us today to get started.

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