Is Your Website Responsive?

Posted on: 28/10/16

Today, people rely on mobile devices instead of personal computers to consume online content, and for a lot of other things including shopping and searching for services they require.

Given this trend, it is only in your interest to keep up with the times.

Do you have any idea what your mobile visitors feel when they visit your website? What if a good number of visitors are on mobile? How can that affect your business?

Let’s explore.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design is a set of codes that make your website to adapt to the size of the device. It’s the same website, but it fills the device it’s looked up on. So, when a user sees your website on their mobile device, the content will adapt to the device size to present the content without affecting the experience.

Look Up Your Website Now

So how do you determine if your website is responsive? The easiest thing to do is to look up your website on a mobile device. Yes, do it as you’re reading this.

Do you have to pinch the screen to view the content?

Do you have to bring the device close to your eyes to view the content?

How do you find this experience? Would you like being subjected to such cumbersome task when looking for a product or service?

Now think about your visitors, and the chore you are putting them through.

Think what they’re thinking. Wouldn’t such experience leave your visitors frustrated? What kind of effect will this have on your business? More than likely, you are losing out on customers.

So what’s the solution?

Get a Responsive Website

Even if 10% of your visitors are from mobile, then it’s time to get a responsive website. Our clients Google Analytics suggests that over 50% of their website traffic comes from visitors using mobile and tablet devices. In the coming months, the number of visits from mobile and tablet devices will only increase.

Responsive design can future proof your website.

At Design Web, we have helped our customers boost their reach with highly effective responsive websites. We can show you how a responsive website can transform your business.

Talk to us today on 01745 508588 for a free consultation.

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