SSL certificates: What are they and why do websites need one?

   6th December 2018

Recently, SSL certificates have boomed in popularity, and with good reason. They are increasingly becoming a must-have for website owners, because they ensure secure connections between a web server and a browser. This basically means that sensitive information belonging to the website user is secure, including any payment details they submit. Gaining the trust of […]
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Update WordPress Like NASA – Without Having A Huge Budget

   19th May 2017

Did you know that NASA use WordPress? The National Aeronautic and Space Administration build many of their sites using WordPress. And who can blame them? WordPress powers over 28% of the Internet. Users love it because it’s fully customizable and you don’t need to be a space engineer to install it. But all this comes […]
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4 reasons to switch to Hosted Exchange Email

   8th March 2017

Our Hosted Exchange service is becoming a popular service with clients. Here’s 4 reasons why you should switch today. 1. Mailbox size At a massive 125GB per mailbox, it may just be the world’s biggest and the best Exchange mailbox. 2. World-class anti-spam and anti-virus, built in Your mailboxes get protected by one of the […]
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Here’s Why Your Website Should Go Secure

   6th March 2017

Website security is not a new concept. It has been around for years, and many leading businesses have adopted it for long. Ever since Google announced that it will consider HTTPS as a ranking signal, things have become all the more interesting. Google and Website Security For years, Google has been very particular about website […]
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