Every website owner wants to be at the top of Google for the product or service that they sell. Let DesignWeb optimise your website and give yourself a better chance of achieving good organic Google rankings and ultimately drive traffic through your website.

Our SEO campaigns start from 1 core keyword and are charged per month without a minimum term.

1 Keyphrase
2 Keyphrases
3 Keyphrases
4 Keyphrases
5 Keyphrases
6 Keyphrases
7 Keyphrases
8 Keyphrases

An SEO campaign will affect the overall visibility of your website in Google, and not only will we track your keyphrases in your own dashboard but also any long tail keywords we can find. Every campaign will have extra keywords being tracked. About 50% of our SEO campaigns have 10-30 additional keywords, and around 20% of campaigns have hundreds of long tail phrases that we can demonstrate moving upwards in Google nicely each month!

Want to know more about what we do each month? Our SEO Campaigns – What we do page will tell you more.

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