Unsafe websites lose * 84% of customers before their purchase is complete. Is this a risk you can afford to take? 

An SSL certificate is a website certificate that will secure all your customers’ sensitive information (such as passwords and payment details) ensuring all details are inaccessible to third parties. Once the SSL certificate has been installed, the website changes from HTTP to HTTPS.

Google prefers websites that use HTTPS and promotes them in Google search results. With the launch of Chrome 68 in July 2018, Google now calls out sites with unencrypted connections as “Not Secure” in the URL bar. This warning is very off-putting to potential customers and the vast majority of them will find a secure alternative.

75% of websites visited in Chrome on Windows are now using HTTPS, according to Google’s transparency report.

You could have the best website around, but if you don’t have a safety certificate, you risk compromising customers’ details and eroding their trust.

For as little as £80 per year, Designweb can install an SSL certificate and guarantee your customers’ information is safe and secure, and that your website can be trusted.

Don’t let your lack of website security drive customers away.

Please contact us and get an SSL certificate, today.

*Research by Globalsign, 2014

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