The Importance of a Strong Brand

Posted on: 17/08/16

Your brand is more than an appealing logo. A strong branding enhances the value of your company, gives your employees a direction to move in, and customer acquisition becomes that much easier.

What makes a brand? The perception people have about your company, your reputation, your marketing strategy and of course, your logo. Each of these aspects has to work right for your brand to succeed.

So how can a strong brand affect your business? Let’s take a look.

Fosters Recognition
People buy a product they are familiar with. When you have a strong, consistent brand that’s easy to recognise, consumers will buy your products or services without a worry.

Builds Trust
When your presence is professional, it instantly builds trust and credibility. Consumers will buy a product from a company that they can trust. If your brand can evoke the emotion of trust, you have a winner by your side.

Helps Beat Your Competition
There is not one product/service where there’s no competition. The consumers have a wide choice for any and every product they want to purchase. What makes them choose a brand over another? How can you stand out from your competition and create a presence in the minds of your target audience? By investing in a strong brand!

Inspires Your Employees
Your employees come to work with the hope of contributing towards something large, something big. When you communicate your mission and aim to your employees in a clear manner, they will proudly work towards achieving the goals.

A clearly outlined branding strategy gives your employees direction.

Sets Expectations
A consistent brand speaks aloud about the quality of your products and services. Your customers will know what they can expect from you every time they transact with you.

Creates Clarity
In the absence of a clear direction, your business is bound to wander. When you have a strong brand strategy in place, you know where to head, where to focus and where to put your efforts. You can stay focused on the mission and vision of your organisation with a strong brand. Moreover, it will be a guiding force for your marketing efforts.

Adds Value to Your Business
A strong brand will turn out to be your business’s biggest asset. Think Apple, Dell, McDonalds, Safeway, 7-Eleven. The value of these companies is derived not just from the assets they own, and the products/services they deliver. Their strong brand is an asset in their own right.

In Conclusion
A strong brand is born out of a strong idea. You need a brand that penetrates your organisation. When you have clarity about the brand and can live up to your brand promise, you will be rewarded richly.

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